Ithaca, NY and its surrounding
areas are filled with some of
the most beautiful and exciting
attractions in the nation. A
commitment to preserving
nature is mirrored with the
various State Parks and
untouched forests scattered
throughout the region. Hiking,
swimming, horseback riding,
and cross-country skiing
are but a few of the
features the Finger
Lakes Region has to offer.

Taughannock State Park
Taughannock Falls, only 5 minutes from Morning Glory Bed & Breakfast, is part of Taughannock State Park located between the Village of Trumansburg (part of the Ulysses Township), and the city of Ithaca. The falls cataract has an incredible drop of 215 feet (66 meters), and is one of the highest east of the Rocky Mountains.

Taughannock State Park also features hiking and nature trails, tent and trailer sites, cabins, picnic areas, beach swimming, fishing, playground areas, a marina launching site, ice-skating, sledding, cross-country skiing and an annual summer concert series.

Buttermilk Falls State Park
Buttermilk Creek flows down the east side of the Cayuga Valley, dropping more than 600 feet over 10 separate waterfalls and through two discrete glens. Most of this drop is over rocks of the Ithaca Formation, which is of Late Devonian age. A particularly striking feature along Buttermilk Creek is Pinnacle Rock, a 40-foot pillar of shale left by erosion of the stream around it (probably through cracks that caused weakness on either side). Look for plunge pools and potholes.
Ithaca Falls
Ithaca Falls--Over 15,000 years ago, receding waters and erosion worked to form a one-mile-long gorge called Fall Creek Gorge. Today, the gorge is made up of six waterfalls, cascades and rapids with Ithaca Falls being the most famous due to its enormous size--l 50 feet high and 175 feet wide. For those who wish to sit and take in its beauty, a small park is located on the south side of the trail for picnics. The falls are located on Lake Street.
Watkins Glen State Park
The gorge at Watkins Glen is the best-known in the Finger Lakes region. The one-and-one-half-mile-long trough was scoured by glaciers, creating 19 waterfalls and 300-foot shale and sandstone cliffs.

Foot trails follow the rim of the gorge, some of them blazed centuries ago by Native Americans. The gorge trail, with over 800 stone steps, follows the gorge, going over and under waterfalls. The park is an excellent place for backpackers to pick up the Finger Lakes Trail, which traverses the state. Gorge Trail is open from mid-May to November.

The state park has 305 campsites, active recreation programs, and an Olympic-size swimming pool.
Cornell University
Cornell sits on a hilltop overlooking 40-mile-long, 400-foot-deep Cayuga Lake, the largest of the Finger Lakes of central New York State. Two sides of the campus are bound by gorges, cut during the last 12,000 years. Creeks and waterfalls fill the gorges, and no matter where you are on campus you are never far from the sight and sound of falling water. This is an area of great natural beauty, a place that contributes to a healthy and pleasurable quality of life.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the Cornell campus is the seamless interconnection of nature and the built environment. Cornell Plantations , curator of the university's natural areas, maintains trails, arboretums, and gardens that intertwine and blend with the university's graceful quads and inspiring architecture.
Ithaca College
Ithaca College has something to offer students, local residents and visitors alike, from its Gerontology Institute and Center for Teacher Education to an outstanding array of cultural offerings—many of them free of charge—by talented students, faculty, and guests. A concert, theater production, or lecture is scheduled nearly every day throughout the school year; championship-caliber athletic teams draw ardent fan interest and student-run television and radio stations broadcast news, sports, and entertainment programming to all of Ithaca and beyond. Guided campus tours available.
Ithaca Festival
The Ithaca Festival is an artistic celebration of community.
This fantastic four day event kicks off with the most hilarious parade on the planet and ends with the magical Circus Eccentrithaca. In between, the Ithaca Festival showcases the performances of over 1,000 local artists –– musicians, visual and performance artists, dance and theatre artists, mimes, storytellers, poets and writers, community groups and ensembles. The Ithaca Festival is the largest annual event in Ithaca, New York, attracting an audience of over 35,000 people.
Grassroots Music Festival
The festival is presented over a four day period (Thursday-Sunday) on four stages which run ridiculously long hours to accommodate the 60 some bands that play the festival. The band selection reflects the eclectic tastes of our 'amorphous committee', a difficult to nail down group of musicians and artists who lean toward roots related & world music.

GrassRoots doesn't hesitate to bring you great music you've never heard of before. Every year wonderful new bands are discovered and presented along with many old and true friends. Check out the list of previous years artists for a general idea of what's in store for the future.
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